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Best Healthcare Fields for Introverts

best healthcare fields introverts, healthcare careers, healthcare programsDo you need your alone time every day to "recharge"? Do you prefer quiet, calm environments over bustling, active ones? Do you perform best when you work alone and at your own pace? If so, you might be an introvert.

The difference between introverts and extroverts is simple. It has to do with where each type gets their energy: extroverts are energized by people, but introverts are energized by being alone. In a sense, you could say that introverts find constant social interaction tiring. 

You might think that, as an introvert, you have no place in the healthcare industry where interacting with people is a constant occurrence. On the other hand, there are certain healthcare positions that are great for introverts. And no matter what field you’re in, you want your job to align well with your personality. 

Introvert Field #1: Health Information Technology

In health information technology, the focus is on working with information more than interacting with people. Health information technology students can expect to work more with papers and computers than patients. Working alone is also common in this field. 

Some of the primary job duties associated with health information technology include assembling and tracking patient records and gathering and entering data. To excel in this field, students should focus on improving their accuracy, attention-to-detail and technology skills.

Introvert Field #2: Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical laboratory technicians regularly perform tests to assist physicians with the diagnosis and treatment of patients. This field is great for introverts because it allows them to be heavily involved in patient care, but to also be able to perform job duties that take place in a closed-off setting from the patients.

Although some patient interaction is required, these professionals spend a large portion of their time in a quiet laboratory space analyzing data and samples and performing chemical, biological, hematological or microscopic tests. The most important skills students of medical laboratory technician training need are technical skills, attention-to-detail skills and accuracy skills. 

Introvert Field #3: Medical Billing and Coding

For those looking for a healthcare field that allows them to use their talent of working with information, medical billing and coding might be a good fit. These professionals spend a large amount of time transferring verbal and written descriptions of illnesses, procedures and treatments into numerical codes. 

Although this field doesn’t require direct patient care, these individuals should feel comfortable working with technology and computer software. They should also be at ease working with large amounts of data, including numerical information.

If you’re an introvert and you’re interested in healthcare, there could be a field that’s right for you. Explore more on each of the healthcare fields listed above, including information on job duties, demand, career skills and necessary training. Find the program for you at a healthcare school today.