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Central Service Training Programs

Step inside the field that supports medical teams and helps protect patients.

Interested in learning more about career paths at the center of healthcare support? Consider pursuing a Central Service and Sterile Processing Technology training program.

central service and sterile processing tech

Job Duties
All medical teams need reliable, sterile equipment when treating patients. Trained central service and sterile processing technicians help reduce the risk of microbial exposure by maintaining and sterilizing equipment for a wide range of medical and nursing. They may also package sets of sterilized equipment for specific procedures and be responsible for transporting them to operating rooms to ensure sterilization is maintained.
Career Skills

Central Service & Sterile Processing Technology Training

A quality sterile processing technology training program can help students learn heat, steam, and chemical disinfecting techniques and inventory management skills needed to pursue job opportunities in sterile processing technology. Check for schools in your area that offer sterile processing tech classes with hands-on training.

Training can also teach how to:

  • Maintain sterilization equipment
  • Manage inventory: track, order and stock supplies
  • Fill case carts with necessary supplies
  • Collect supplies post-procedure and return them for sterilization or disposal

Sterile Processing Demand

Most sterile processing technician positions are based in hospitals. However, some opportunities may be available at:

  • Outpatient care facilities
  • Ambulatory surgical centers
  • Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers

The Mayo Clinic, which provides some information about healthcare fields, expects national opportunities within the sterile processing and central service technology field to grow as the number of surgeries performed annually increases.*

Ready to start sterile processing technology training? Find your school today.

Program availability and/or degree offerings subject to change. Employment and salary are not guaranteed.

* Any projections given are national averages. Job market conditions in local areas may vary.

Central Service and Sterile Processing Technology Schools

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