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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Stories

Emergency Medical Technicians are the first responders to accidents or other life-threatening situations. They provide immediate and competent care to patients or victims who are injured in these situations.

While you can surely guess that this can be a stressful job, many times EMTs have funny or even inspirational stories to share.

Want to know what the personal side of this
health career field is like? Here are a few stories taken from a few EMT websites:

John Hultgren,* a trained EMS professional that has been in the field since 1969 describes his most famous compliment:
My most famous compliment came from the late Gene Siskel, of the movie critic team Siskel and Ebert.


We treated and transported Mr. Siskel to Jewish Hospital. After getting him situated in the emergency department, I was preparing to leave when Mr. Siskel called out and said: "Hey John, you did good!" while holding his two thumbs up.  (For those who don't remember, Siskel and Ebert both voted their opinion of movies by giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down -- two thumbs up was their ultimate review.) …

On another website, Medic Madness, Sean Eddy,** a trained EMS/Paramedic that has been in the business for seven years shares this inspirational story: 

I was teaching an EMT class at the local college one night. The semester had just started and I having the students introduce themselves and explain why they want to become an EMT. After 20 minutes of the usual "I need this for my job" or "I want to be a firefighter", a student asked to share a story if I didn’t mind. […]

He walked up front and told the story of how he witnessed his mom collapse and go into cardiac arrest. He talked about how he didn’t know what to do and how scared he was. Then he started to explain what happened once the ambulance showed up. As his story went on, I started paying closer attention. This sounded familiar…..very familiar. After he told his story, I excused myself from the class for a minute and called a break. I made a call to my dispatch center and asked to reference the last name and see if any patient’s were run for a cardiac arrest in the last year. Just as I suspected, I ran his mom a little over a year ago. I was the paramedic that he was talking about.

Not quite sure how to approach this, I asked to speak to him in private. I thanked him for sharing the story and broke the news. He immediately teared up and gave me a big hug and thanked me over and over again. He went back in the class and announced to everyone that I was paramedic that saved his moms life. Everyone clapped for a good few minutes. I was full of emotion and didn’t really know how to act at that point. He went on to tell everyone that this is the very reason he wanted to become an EMT and eventually become a paramedic. I couldn’t believe it. I had inspired someone to do this job without even knowing.

He asked if I would be willing to share my side of the story, to which I did. I started from the point where we were dispatched an explained the series of events up until we reached the hospital. I watched tears come to everyones eyes and it wasn’t until that point that I truly understood why I do this job.

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