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Begin Your Health Training with Cool Health Apps

If you are the type of tech-savvy person who always has the latest gadgets and web apps, and you are interested in health-related information or are currently training for a health-related career, you may be interested in the following applications for your iPhone:

  • Bio-Dictionary – A dictionary of medical terms
  • Pocket First Aid and CPR – From the American Heart Association, provides illustrations, videos and more to help you in responding to critical health situations and administering first aid
  • Eponyms – Learn about the medical conditions named after the physicians who first described them or the patients who suffered from them (e.g. Crohn’s, Alzheimer’s)
  • Wellness Tip of the Day – Easy tips from Cleveland Clinic that promote healthy living

If health information like this interests you, and you haven’t looked into health career training, maybe it’s time you visit