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Medical Laboratory Technician Demand

Three things can quite possibly drive medical laboratory technician demand in the next decade: Advancements in medicine, the aging population and healthcare reform. Here’s how:

Advancements in Medicine

Advancements in medicine may have an effect on medical laboratory technician demand as new testing will continue to be developed. This includes genetic testing and more.

In addition, more lab techs will be needed in medical research institutions as well as pharmaceutical companies that come out with new medications to treat disease.

The Aging Population

The aging population, namely the baby boomers, is expected to have an effect on the demand for healthcare services overall simply because the elderly are more likely to need medical care.

Specimen testing by lab techs will play a role in caring for this elderly population to help diagnose and treat disease.

Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform may also have an effect on the demand for medical laboratory technicians because more people will have access to healthcare. This is because hospitals as well as insurance companies will want to keep costs down by paying for preventive care services.

Preventive tests performed by lab techs can be used by doctors to make sure that a patient’s overall health stays in check. In addition, these tests allow the doctor to intervene with proper treatment, if necessary, to keep health risks (like high cholesterol) from because serious health problems (like heart attack).

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