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Role of the Healthcare Administrator

Have you ruled out the healthcare field because you believe you are better suited for the office environment? You may want to rethink your decision because in the role of healthcare administrator, you get the best of both worlds.

Health care administrators, also called health services administrators, are considered problem solvers with effective leadership skills that allow them to plan, coordinate and supervise the functions of a healthcare facility and ensure that the entire facility or specific department runs in an efficient manner.

Healthcare Administration Offers a Broad Range of Opportunities

Because the role of healthcare administrator encompasses such a variety of functions and departments, those who pursue career opportunities in the field benefit from the ability to choose whether they want a general or specialized role. General healthcare administrator roles would consist of a manager/assistant manager position for an entire operation while specialized roles could include focused training in the areas of: finance, human resources, resource allocation, long-term care, management and more.

As far as the overall core courses in healthcare administration, you could learn:

  • Healthcare Law, Ethics and Policy
  • Survey of Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Healthcare Public Relations
  • Healthcare Accounting
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Statistics
  • Introduction to Business
  • And More

Of course, curriculums can vary depending on schools.

Sound like a lot of time to invest in campus training program? Many
healthcare schools near you offer online classes, which can be enticing to people who have families or other types of hectic schedules and need flexible scheduling. And, you could have the option of associate and bachelor degree programs, depending on program or specialization.

In an age where the healthcare industry is expected to grow in order to meet the demands of a growing aging population and the needs of a larger group of insured Americans, people of all ages will seek out positions in the healthcare field that suits them. For the die-hard office type who wants to be a part of an industry that is known for helping people, healthcare administration may be the job for you. Find out more today by visiting