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What Are the Topics Covered in Health Information Management/Technology Classes?

Health Information Management/Technology deals with the management of data and resources relating to health research, health planning, healthcare delivery, health services payments, and the evaluation of health care services. To become qualified to pursue career opportunities in this field, you need health information management training. So, what type of classes should you expect?

Depending on the school, specific topic titles and class structures of a qualified health information management training program can vary. Typically, however, instructional curriculum can cover such areas as:

  • Diagnostic and procedure coding – the coding assigned to particular diagnoses and treatments.
  • Medical billing practices – best practices for the medical billing field which can cover specific guidelines that must be followed before reimbursement is considered.
  • Healthcare reimbursement and delivery systems – types of third-party reimbursement entities (including government) and types of healthcare providers (e.g. hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, etc.).
  • Health records maintenance – accuracy and compliance for dealing with electronic health records as well as data extraction.
  • Information technology – learning the type of software or computer applications used in the healthcare industry
  • Organizational resources – resources for healthcare professionals
  • Medical law and ethics – guidelines that must be followed
  • Medical terminology – the type of speak (words, phrases, communication) used in the healthcare industry
  • Anatomy and physiology – study of the human body, including its parts and the parts’ functions

Upon successful completion of this training, you can pursue careers opportunities as a medical biller, medical billing assistant, medical office assistant, medical receptionist, and medical records assistant. To learn more, find schools near you at and request information today.