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What is Health Information Management Technology

Health Information Management Technology involves the maintenance of healthcare data and management of information resources.

As such, a person in a role as a health information management professional will:

  • Collect, combine, and analyze primary and secondary health care data.
  • Distribute information.
  • Manage information resources related to the research, planning, delivery, payment, and evaluation of health care services.

Because of this type of work, the health information management professionals must be able to:

  • Be computer savvy.
  • Work proficiently with a variety of new software applications.
  • Have a great deal of focus.
  • Perform their work quickly but with attention to detail.
  • Have discretion and tact.

All of these skills can be learned in a qualified information management technology training program. This type of training can prepares you for entry level work opportunities in acute care settings, rehabilitation centers, long term care facilities, health clinics, physician practices and pharmaceutical companies.

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